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Slide What is an Old Salt? [ōld sôlt] noun A seasoned deckhand known for telling stories on the open water
A master wayfinder, experienced guide
A worker ‘worth their salt’
Trusted hands for your work’s journey.

Anchor every project with agency A trusted archetype for unknown waters: Charter a seasoned crew, implement the right instruments and land with fanfare. A seasoned crew ensuring successful operation Bring experience to bear by staffing with senior, hands-on practitioners who…

Delight in doing over managing. Shift seamlessly across methodologies with earned hybrid technical skills. And, are liberated to navigate as needed, prioritizing success over scope.
The right instrumentS for any water
Create something commercially compelling by…

Recognizing collaboration isn’t 50/50 - we handle the ropes for the charted course. Staying true to a honed process borne of management consulting techniques. And, preserving access to all tools, from specialists to digital platforms, so the solution is fit for purpose.
Land with fanfare Ensure outputs are shared, not shelved, by…

Distilling down to the core learning with the discipline to decide and courage to cut. Matching the comms medium to audience to amplify accessibility. And, delivering a planning playbook to instill internal alignment and inspire motion.

Slide Approach Shoring Brand, Product, Comms and Strategy research across your idea’s migration from inception to actualization.

Whether you frame projects by a moment-in-time or methodology, we will travel with you.
Mapping need to know-how
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Earned experience across all the places your brand lives From coffee in C-Suites to breaking bread in rural villages, our passports support the value of being present – no matter the market or culture you choose to explore.
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STORIES Case studies, challenges and anecdotes to help bring you onboard. True tales of challenges weathered.

Client references and industry-specific examples at the ready upon request.
Accelerating Fashionable Adoption Activating a priority segment to influence internal decision making across corporate divisions. Despite ambition of serving as the north star for a brand reinvention, a recent segmentation sat on a proverbial shelf for a global clothing retailer. How do you give data points personality, while driving understanding and internal traction?

A consumer empathy program connected designers, operators and marketers with their newly minted target audience for a series of shop-alongs, fashion shows, internal installations and office take-overs. Workshops codified the experience, while building an internal blueprint ensuring a customer-centric clothing line redesign.
Communicating Behavior Change Amidst Covid-19 Keeping global brand comms apace as the habits, fears and attitudes of the planet’s population change overnight. How do safety and cleanliness concerns impact how consumers pay for goods – in-person and from afar – amidst a global pandemic?

A consumer chronicle program paired with a global survey to give voice to shifting spend patterns and the emotive and functional drivers behind them. Identified trends within the payment landscape fueled a corporate communication strategy.
Operation Adoption: Generation Alpha Expressing the one-part real life, many parts creative personal identity of Gen-Z. Tech advances faster than even avid users can keep pace, but how does a generation raised on tablets instead of TV express themselves digitally?

The project established a virtual playground for an immersive exploration into the next generation of creator’s style, cultural cues, and the tech tools bringing their vision and voice to life. Insights drove development of a three-year engineering pipeline across a suite of expression-led software tools (and countless ‘when I was a kid…’ references).
Developing Products With Purpose Translating empathy for financial hardships to strategic product and service development. Is slow and steady saving over a lifetime, consistent hard work and a wee bit of luck all that’s required for financial security? This program offered a different perspective for those mired in America’s struggling middle class.

The multi-leg journey crossed scholarly research, exchanges with countless experts, financial diaries and interviews, followed by a robust quantitative survey. Together, they fed a systematic understanding of a key cohort, while feeding a pipeline of inclusive growth opportunities prioritized against strategic objectives and organizational capabilities.
Reversing A Melting Ice Cream Trend Understanding the emotional and sub-conscious drivers of indulgent decision-making. Driven by shifting appetites and food preferences, Americans are increasingly looking past freezers in favor of other fare. As a result, Ice Cream buying rate had started to freeze. How can a Global CPG company thaw the trend?

With Ice Cream but a minor part in a growing snacking trend the call was to understand the overall situation, underscore Ice Cream’s part within that universe, and outline key opportunity areas tied to specific daypart occasions.
Your Spyglass Looking for something you haven’t found yet? An example in your industry, or a technique you’ve been considering – let us know, we’re always game to open the galley and share accordingly. A few favorite questions …

  • How do you price a product that doesn’t exist?
  • Will my consumers appreciate something premium even if it’s not a passion play?
  • What does energy mean (and how do we offer more of it)?
  • How can we foster internal alignment using the voice of our target audience?
  • What’s for dinner?

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